Dark Wheat

Dark Wheat

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Dark wheat is a darker wheat malt well suited for dark wheat beers, but can also be used in small amounts in other wheat beer styles to add darker color, flavor and aroma contributions to the final beer. Dark wheat, just like other wheat malts, can add body, head retention and unique wheat flavors, though those flavors contributed by dark wheat will be more pronounced and deeper. Typically used in dunkelweizens, dark wheat malt has also been used in styles such as hefeweizens, altbier, Kolsch, and other ales. Use as little as 1% of the grist, all the way to 50% of the total grain bill.


Color: 6.2 - 8.1L
Protein: 11.7
Moisture: 0.05
Extract: 0.81
Diastatic Power: 50
Usage: up to 50%
Country of Origin: Germany
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