Economy Aeration-Oxidation Free SO2 Test Kit

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In winemaking, Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) is one of the most important and effective tools in the winemaker's arsenal for protecting against the effects of oxidative or microbial spoilage.

Until now, winemakers had to make a choice between inexpensive test kits which lacked accuracy, and testers which are highly accurate but cost hundreds of dollars. 

Aeration-Oxidation is the exact same testing method used in thousands of commercial wineries and wine analysis laboratories around the world. It is time-tested and proven accurate and is simple to perform. Our kit includes:

  • All the glassware and tubing needed to set up a 2-chamber test apparatus
  • Pipettes to accurately measure your wine sample and chemicals
  • An aspiration pump to drive the chemical reaction in the test method
  • Enough chemical reagents to run 2-3 tests
  • Clear and comprehensive instructions for setting up and running the system


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