Floating Dip Tube Filter

Handy little filter attachment can be used with the Torpedo Keg, Floating Dip Tube

Article number: 1968
Quantity: 4

This handy little filter attachment can be used with the Torpedo Keg BuoyKegmenter Floating Dip Tube, or FermZilla Pressure Kit to keep hop material from being sucked into the silicone dip tube. This upgrade accessory is especially helpful if you like to dry hop directly in your keg while serving, or if you want to pull clean samples from your FermZilla or Kegmenter during fermentation when there's still a lot of biomatter in solution.

Simply remove the metal tube from the ball float, slip the silicone tubing over the barb, then reattach the ball float to one of three clip locations.

Made from HDPE and 304 stainless steel, the filter can be boiled or sanitized with the full range of cleaners that we sell. The plastic HDPE is over molded onto the stainless mesh to make a seamless finish. The end cap can easily pop off for cleaning.

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